Troubleshooting LPT Port Access Denied Issue In Windows 7

Troubleshooting LPT Port Access Denied Issue In Windows 7

February 9, 2022 Off By Tyler Tims

Over the past few days, some readers have encountered a known bug that denied access to the Windows 7 LPT port. This problem can occur due to many factors. We will discuss this below.

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    For many years everything was fine, but in the last few weeks everything has given up and I can’t find the real culprit

    Windows 7 workstations try to point their LPT1 port to ServerPrinter. Servers 2008 R2 2012 or R2.

    windows 7 lpt port access denied

    The mapping is performed under any user, even as an administrator/domain local. However, when I try to send anything to the LPT1 port, I try. Access closed. regardless of the user.

    windows 7 lpt port access denied

    The computer does not have an LPT1 port. It’s not in the device manager. I’ve removed the LanManager requirements in general since I posted here 5 years ago. domain controllers…

    The surfer can connect and print to a normal system printer as a printer. I even set the printer permissions to Everyone=FC and Domain Users=FC to no avail.

    I came to the conclusion that I launched and applied DosBox emulation here

    I also tweaked DoxBox in turbo methods to simulate speed so I know what the user is expecting.

    If your small business uses modern inkjet or laser printers to print Documents from computers running Windows 7, you are likely to encounter a number of deployment and configuration issues, as described below. Indeed, most modern printers are equipped with a USB interface, which can be installed and configured relatively easily. However, if you are using older laser or delivery printers with a parallel port interface and/or are trying to network or share certain printers on your company’s LAN, you may occasionally receive the “LPT1 Access Denied” error message. or similar error messages. There are a number of potential fixes for these errors in Windows 7, but most of them you can fix yourself if you know how.

    Windows Permission Settings

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  • If your current computer is showing an “Access Denied to LPT1” message or errors, the first thing to do is to check your Windows User Account Control settings are optimal. With some multifunction or laser printerFor those that run a third-party print utility that sends documents for printing, your personal user account may not have many rights to queue the job. This often happens when someone installed some printer software using a Windows administrator account and then failed to allow only non-administrator accounts to access the computer. An easy way to check if a is true is to right-click on the desktop icon that launches a particular printer utility, and then select “Run as administrator” from the pop-up list of products. When prompted, enter an administrator username and password. If you can map print jobs to the printer without error, uninstall and, if so, reinstall the application and make sure all computer users can use the it utility to send print jobs to the printer.

    BIOS Settings And IRQ Values

    USB ports used for printers can usually use multiple addresses IRQ. However, this does not apply to parallel port interfaces. Typically, when using a sensible parallel port connection, printer windows will only use the default IRQ address. In most cases, Windows can map the IRQ address of the parallel port to the address set in the system’s BIOS. However, this is not always the case. So if your Windows User Account Control settings seem solid but you’re still seeing the “LPT1 Access Denied” error message, you can check your multiport BIOS settings and IRQ settings in Windows Device Manager. If these ring settings match, try changing the parallel port shape from “ECP” to “EPP” or vice versa in the BIOS. You can access the BIOS on most computers by pressing the “F1” or “Delete” key while the computer boots. Look at the splash screen instructions when you turn on your computer, check your computer’s user manual or your computer’s support page if none of these keys work.


    Problems With Shared Network Printers

    One more prettyA common cause of LPT1 Access Denied Error has to do with device sharing. If you’re trying to use a printer connected to multiple computers on a network, you really need to make sure printer sharing is enabled on the other computer, and experts say your computer and user account should now be able to access it. Essentially, this affects all computers on the network, whether the printer is connected via a parallel or USB port. If you are getting errors when printing from an application that recognizes the computer’s physical parallel port as LPT1 and not the model on the networked PC, you may have completely disabled the parallel port in the system BIOS. After that, if you remove the connector and the BIOS, the software should see the network inkjet printer connection as LPT1.

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