Tips For Resolving Crash Control Initialization Error

Tips For Resolving Crash Control Initialization Error

February 9, 2022 Off By Irwin Riddle

It seems that some of our readers have encountered an error code that failed to initialize the crash control. This issue can occur due to a number of factors. We will review them below.

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    “Deadlock Check Cannot Be Initialized, Key May Not Always Be Null” When Viewing Deadlock Graphs

    Recently, this error came up in Management Studio when I tried to view a difficulty graph obtained from their enhanced event session:

    Failed to initialize complexity control.
    The key cannot be null. Name:
    Parameter Key

    I got this error when the xml_deadlock_report event was enabled. I selected “Show target data” and went to the blocking tab:

    So I couldn’t see the deadlock graph, except that the deadlock XML file is still available. I copied the difficulty chart data into an XDL track, opened it in the management store, and still got the exact same error.

    No luck with the control in Studio, but the SentryOne Plan Explorer displayed the dead end diagram correctly without any problems. Actually, it helped me understand what was going on:

  • The resource list can be filled with “exchangeEvent” elements (although their return is concurrency bound) and not always with the usual locks I’m used to.
  • “Processes” are all the same process, different, just clothes (speeds on all processes are the same, but probably different etsides)
  • Most importantly, no sacrifice! And our application reports that the request did not receive an error directly from the database.
  • I’m guessing the lock monitor often detects this sort of thing, which is most often associated with a lock loop, but knows how to resolve it without selecting a thread, and then anyway Issues a lock statement.

    The reason management studio can’t show complexity is because it assumes at least one blocking diagram.

    What if I reformulate and select a client like this:

    This Type Of Blocking Can Be Ignored

    failed to initialize deadlock control

    Take it with grain related salt, but I personally ignore this type of dead end as it’s not really a sacrifice and my applications are unaffected. Think
    I have two queries here.

    1. Management Studio allows you to easily manage graphics. But that’s just a UI issue.
    2. The concurrent request deadlock is somehow resolved internally (yup!), but the xml_deadlock_report sport event is still fired (boo!).

    failed to initialize deadlock control

    Tower update is available, this is a known issue. You can vote to add more information to the xml_deadlock_report that will allow us to filter out these types of non-deadlocks: add has_victims columns as well as is_intra_query_deadlock columns to the xml_deadlock_report event


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    . . . ! ! .

    I wonder if anyone can give some insight. We have (starting SQL 2012 Std) events that have expanded on the trapping difficulties and I see some ETL processes start immediately causing a series of hangs... well ETL still helps you work (fails and does that , which is supposed to do), but I noticed over a thousand xml_deadlock_report entries in extended events.

    What's unusual is that when I go there, I look again at the index table, it says "Failed to initialize lock check. Key not null. Parameter name: key"

    If I look at the actual lock_deadlock_chain events, I see an event here, but they all say:

    Can someone point me in the right direction?Looking to understand what's going on here?


    Hi, Troy. I am struggling with the very problem that you describe, almost to the end. I'm surprised since this post is a few months old if you already found a solution? The strangest thing I can't work out is that when I used SQL Profiler to capture the human deadlock graph, it never determined the deadlock type. However, my SQL device error log is full of them looking for traces of activation flags 1204 and 1222, and the extended crash event I fired consistently captures it. About 4k for 5 hours of shooting. As with your respective order, there are no errors here either.

    I've been trying to look at some crashes in Management Studio but I'm getting exactly the same error that "key mentions are not null".
    In my case, I've noticed these few interesting things that I even open the xdl in text editor.
    * The resource is a complete list of "exchangeEvent" elements (which may need to be delivered with concurrency)

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